FBI free place motherfucker!

Mainly I have created this website to offer my blackhat hacking service for everyone.
Here you can hire me if you need a job done but thats not all, in the next time I want to
creat a safe place for hacker, programmer and anyone other who wants to safe his privacy.
This means we want to build and develop our own social newtwork with some serivces.
The most stuff will be free. If you are interested help us developing or help us with a donation.
We are searching always for skilled programmer and hacker, contact me if you think you can help.



Bussiness adress:


Hacking Service

You need a hacking job done? No problem, contact me at Sigaint. I can do nearly everything.
Only contact me when you are a serious customer and your are able to pay me. Dont watse my time.
Grade changing, ruin someones live or bussines or do you think your wife is cheating on you?.
I will do it for you. Prices starts at $500 and depends on what I have to do. Riskant attacks
on big companys or goverment services starts at $10000. You have to pay a part of the money first.
I will start my work after payment arrived on my wallet. Please use my bussines adress for this.
If you want more details ask me whatever you want to know, I will defenitly answer after 24h.

DDoS attacks

You want to take a website down? With our worldwide botnet we can take nearly every website down.
12h takedown - $ 50
24h takedown - $100
More is possible but expensive.

Botnet Spots

Public Botnet Spot: $ 30 per month
Privat Botnet Spot: $200 per month

Bitcoins to Clean Money!

You want to sell your Bitcoins and get clean money? No Problem! I can do it for you.
100% anonym, you will get a proof before you send the Bitcoins, contact me.
Give me your Bitcoins and get:


Member area

Get access to our member area! [Currently UNFINISHED]

Help us developing a safe place for hacker! Donate or join our team.



About me


Im skilled in social engineering, web hacking, programming, web forensic and psycholgy.
Also I know several programming laguages and much hacking techniques to break in nearly
every sytsem with enough time. If I dont know something I will learn it very quickly.

Personal information

My name is ScripTix, Im a hacker since Im a kid so I had enough time to learn it.
I really dont like huamans and hacking is not my main bussnies. Its like a hobby.
In the next time I also want to build a safe place for hacker and programmer,
if you are interesed donate us or help us developing. - ScripTix


Contact me


I prefer Sigaint, All messages needs to be encrypted with my Public PGP Key.
Everything other will be ignored and deleted instantly, you will not get a answer.

PGP Public Key

Get Key here


DeepWeb: scriptix@sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion


ScripTix (BM-2cTMZ6SvnmYgbhdQe4JbNrjGCb69YLzv8j)



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Use this adress only for donations.

Bussiness Adress

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